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Encampment FAQ

Where will cadets be staying?

The encampment will be staying in a military barracks at Otis ANG Base (part of Joint Base Cape Cod). Each cadet will have a twin sized bed and room to store their things. 

How do I get to and from encampment?

You will be able to drive onto the base to drop of your cadet at the start of the week. You may also drive onto the base at the end of the week to watch the graduation ceremony and to pick up your cadet. Only those who's names were included in the online encampment sign up will be allowed onto Joint Base Cape Cod. If you need to add a name to your list you must contact the encampment administration team ( If you have a military ID you may access the base whenever but we encourage you to still include your name on the forms. No one will be allowed to visit the encampment unless approved by the Encampment Commander.

We know Cape Cod is a long drive for some. Some squadrons may make arrangements to travel to and from encampment in their CAP van, but we cannot guarantee CAP transportation to or from. 

If transportation to or from encampment poses a problem for you, let us know using any of our contact links at the bottom of this page.

How do I sign up?

Click the "Register Here" at the top of any page

How do I contact the encampment?

There are a number of contact links at the bottom of this page.

How can I contact my cadet during encampment?

You will be unable to contact your cadet for most of the week. They will not have mail access at all during the week. And will not have their cell phones of electronics until the end of the week. They may make a phone call home mid week. If there is an emergency you must contact the encampment emergency number and we will connect you with your cadet. The emergency contact number is 774-218-3538.

How do I contact the encampment during encampment week?

You may use any of our contact links at the end of this page, or in an emergency you may call 774-218-3538.

Who do I contact in case of an emergency?

Call 774-218-3538 (Major Silva)

What do I bring to encampment?

Please find the Packing List here.

Who are the cadet staff?

The cadet staff are a number of highly trained experienced cadets. They come from squadrons across the wing, and from different states. They have been training and preparing since this winter to provide the highest quality of training to the corps. They are unpaid volunteers. 

Who are the senior staff?

The seniors are an incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable group of individuals. They are senior members in CAP, this means that they are all over the age of 18, and in most cases over the age of 21. They are volunteer members who have spent months preparing for encampment. Every senior member has received training including training in the Cadet Protection Program (CPP).  CPP ensures that all members understand how to appropriately interact with youths.

If my cadet brings a cellphone or other electronic to encampment, where will it be stored?

While cadets may not have their phones and electronics for a majority of the week. They are encouraged to bring them, so that they can share contact information with their new friends and mentors at the conclusion of encampment training. Electronics will be stored in a locked cabinet and will only be released to the cadet who owns them, but CAP is not responsible for loss or theft if the cadet decides to bring them.

How will my cadet's medical conditions be handled?

Any medical conditions should be reported when the cadet signs up for encampment. Civil Air Patrol has a policy that cadets must be able to self-administer their medications.  We are not medical providers, however, we are fortunate to have volunteers at encampment that are also medical professionals (Pediatricians, Registered Nurses, EMT-Paramedics, etc.) As long as the condition is reported and any special accommodations are explained, the encampment staff will try to accommodate.  You may contact the encampment commander ( if you need to discuss your cadet's needs.

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